Energy management

Energy-efficient charging? Of course! Choosing MobilityPlus means opting for innovative technologies that make the most of your available (green) power.

Smart charging with our unique energy controller

Smart charging is the ideal way to use energy efficiently. In fact, our unique energy controller allows you to charge faster, avoid overloading and keep your costs under control. This also allows us to add green energy to your charging capacity in a flexible manner.

What does the energy controller do?

  1. Configures capacity
    The energy controller sets the maximum energy capacity based on your connection and your energy contract.
  2. Measures consumption
    The energy controller continuously monitors the consumption of your building.
  3. Distributes energy
    The energy controller uses the maximum capacity and measurement data to send energy to the charging stations intelligently.
  4. Controls charge points
    The energy controller informs the charging stations when they should charge which energy.

Brand independence pays off!

Just like MobilityPlus, our energy controller is completely brand independent. As a result, we can control the charge points, solar installations and batteries of different brands at the same time.

The four key assets of our energy controller

Load balancing

Our controller continuously measures the current that you actually consume and the possible supply of solar, CHP or wind power. If there is a surplus, the energy will be sent to all the MobilityPlus charge points that require power at that time. During periods of high energy consumption and a lower energy supply, our controller will then try to postpone charging. In other words: MobilityPlus regulates the charging curves based on the available energy.

Scheduling (technology in development)

The charging priorities of various electric cars can be fully coordinated with the users’ schedules. In the app, simply specify when the car will next be used and our controller will do the rest. If someone needs to head out onto the road quickly, his or her car will be given priority. You can also set your own employees to take precedence over visitors, or managers to take precedence over other users. Good to know: scheduling can take place both at home and at work.

Peak shaving

Our energy controller ensures that the combined energy consumption of all the charging stations and your building does not exceed the maximum capacity. This will keep you within the limits even during peak hours. This can significantly reduce your energy bill, as grid operators often charge hefty fines for heavy energy consumption.

Artificial Green Intelligence (technology in development)

Last but not least, the MobilityPlus controller also takes external batteries into account. Such batteries enable you to store green energy for use later during periods of increased demand. Better yet, the controller can adjust the charging schedule for the predicted hours of sun based on the weather forecasts.

Working together to achieve a stable energy network

The energy management provided by MobilityPlus has a positive impact on your energy bill and your local network stability. But there’s more: in the future, we also want to ensure a stable energy network at regional and national level.


If many people are driving electric vehicles in your area, not everyone will be able to charge at the same time (in the evening, for example). The mains cables will not allow it and the local substation would quickly shut down to avoid overloading. Smart energy management is the only solution.

Potential advantages for you:

  • Incentives for your contribution to regional energy management. Or in other words, cheaper electricity.
  • Positive impact on distribution and transport rates.
  • Share in a neighbourhood battery, allowing you to escape the prosumer rate and add green energy.


Here too, energy management, and especially scheduling, are the only option to prevent blackouts. This way, the energy controller can decide freely which electric cars are charged when. The controller will also monitor the EPEX SPOT market to ensure that charging mainly takes place when cheap (green) power is available nationally.

Benefits for you:

Good to know: this is only possible for clients who purchase energy from one of our partners and have their own high-voltage cabin.