Installation of charge points

Installation, connection and commissioning of the charge points by experts. In order to ensure correct installation and your own safety, the installation and maintenance work is carried out by qualified electricians who know the standards and installation guidelines inside out.

Technical support from A to Z

Whichever charging solution you choose, our experts will translate your electric mobility ambitions into reality. Everything will be tested thoroughly and you will receive the know-how required to charge without worries.

Electrotechnical work and cabling

We work closely with electrotechnical partners who carry out the preparatory work – such as earthworks and cabling – for us on a daily basis. However, we will also be happy to work with your own installer who knows the site well. In addition, we have specialist technicians of our own who can complete a project from A to Z.

Delivery, installation and commissioning

This means that the charging stations will be supplied, installed, connected and commissioned by MobilityPlus on the company premises. For companies that require charge points to be installed at employees’ homes, the installation services will be coordinated and carried out by MobilityPlus. MobilityPlus will assume all responsibility and provides a 100% guarantee that the entire project will work properly.


Each installation will be inspected and approved by an independent external party. This guarantees you a fully functional and compliant charge point installation.

MobilityPlus was exactly what we needed. In just a short time, their team turned the technical side of charging into a comprehensible story for us and our employees. There was an instant click and all our questions about cable usage, for example, quickly received an appropriate answer.

Lien De Beer, Operational Director at hr-specialist Planet Group.

Would you rather work with your own installer? No problem. MobilityPlus will provide him or her with technical support.

Our guarantees


It might seem obvious, but MobilityPlus is Belgium’s only brand-independent service provider for electric driving. The benefit: honest advice and an open mind.

Regular contact person

When you work with us, you will always communicate through a contact person who understands your situation through and through. Personal service is an absolute essential for MobilityPlus.


Our technical team will come to your premises, go through the various options with you and install the charging solution. Everything will be taken care of. You will also receive information on how to charge your electric car efficiently.

Would you like to become an installer of MobilityPlus charging solutions?

Are you passionate about electric driving and have the technical expertise required to help our clients get started with smart charging solutions? If so, contact us to find out more about the training options.