MobilityPlus is the Belgian market leader in smart charging solutions

Electric driving is becoming a smarter choice than ever before. It offers safe and comfortable driving, tax benefits and – above all – it is better for the environment. What is more, the range of electric cars and charging solutions is growing every day. MobilityPlus helps you to make smart charging choices: from handy charge cards to the hire or purchase of innovative charge points.

The result? Hassle-free charging, anytime, anywhere.

When will our mission succeed? When everyone is driving on green energy.

Jean-François Cheyns, founder and CTO of MobilityPlus
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Why choose MobilityPlus?

Everyone agrees that electric driving is the future. But is the charging infrastructure good enough, and what about our energy consumption? MobilityPlus offers an answer to both questions.

Comprehensive range

Together, we will look for the best formula for your budget and mobility plan. For example, you can simply hire charge points without making an investment, install your own charge points or use our charge cards to benefit from the existing network. Sustainable mobility has never been easier!

Smart charging

Spreading energy consumption peaks and taking full advantage of green energy allows us to offer energy-efficient solutions. More than ever, choosing electric driving means choosing a clean planet.

  • 100% Belgian

    Thanks to our strong local roots, we keep our finger on the pulse at all times and respond quickly to changing market needs.

  • 100% service

    A single contact person for all your questions, our own technical staff and a service desk that is available 24/7.

  • 100% quality

    Our many years of expertise in sustainable technologies and top products translate into high-quality charging solutions to suit your needs.

  • 100% brand independent

    No powerful energy supplier behind the scenes or exclusive deals with charging brands, just an open mind and honest advice.