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We firmly believe that actions speak louder than words. That's why we asked our clients why electric driving is important to them, how they are putting their sustainable ambitions into practice and which charging solutions make all the difference. You can read their inspiring stories here:

One point of contact for installation and administration = quicker and easier Investment company Gimv wanted to electrify its fleet of company vehicles without delay. This entailed solar panels, 26 car park charge points, charge points at employees' homes, charge cards and smart charging everywhere. In MobilityPlus, Gimv found a total partner able to coordinate everything. According to Vincent Van Bueren, Compliance & ESG Manager at Gimv, “the advantage of employing such a comprehensive approach is that it is not only practical, but also administratively convenient.” Read more | One point of contact for installation and administration = quicker and easier

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MobilityPlus and E-Load install ultra-fast charge points in Houthalen-Helchteren Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters proudly cut the ribbon of the brand new charging station on the Europark industrial estate a few weeks ago. From now on, EV drivers will be able to charge their cars here at no less than seven charge points, including two ultra-fast ones. “It marks the beginning of a strong partnership,” say Dries Van Dyck (Business Development Manager at MobilityPlus) and charging station developer Wim Timmers of E-Load. Read more
How EY Belgium creates a buzz with a multimodal mobility plan: more than just electric driving The EY Group is setting up better workplaces around the world. They achieve this with their specialised professional services and a sophisticated vision of sustainability. And this is certainly true of EY Belgium, which has won several awards for its multimodal mobility plan. Read more
Umicore to use electric vehicles in Belgium: phased and budget-neutral Materials Group, Umicore, has sustainability in its DNA. The global player with Belgian origins contributes to a sustainable world in various ways, from recycling valuable metals to producing materials for rechargeable car batteries. Umicore also follows the same course internally. Our phased mobility plan sets out that all company vehicles in Belgium will be electric by 2026. At no extra cost. Read more
Electric company cars are becoming the norm At ACA IT-Solutions, sustainability is high on the agenda. The IT company prioritises projects with an ecological impact, environmental performance is crucial within its own buildings and the fleet is being given a full makeover. For example, 98% of the 144 company cars will have to be electric by 2025. “The arrival of 15 Model 3 Teslas in 2019 put us on the right track,” says Kris Broekx, fleet manager at ACA IT-Solutions. “And with the 14 new charge points from MobilityPlus, our offices are also ready for the future.” Read more
Planet Group attracts new employees and clients with electric driving Planet Group helps companies by providing flexible and temporary IT, HR and healthcare professionals. In 2018, the group made a radical switch to electric driving: the fleet – almost 100 diesel cars at that time – was enhanced with an impressive 50 electric BMW i3s. It immediately became the largest electric vehicle fleet in Belgium. “The MobilityPlus charging solutions were the icing on the cake,” says Lien De Beer, Operational Director at Planet Group. Read more