Project developers and public authorities

Project developers and public authorities

Smart charging with our all-in-one formulas

From sports facilities to residential complexes and shopping malls, all future-oriented projects need charging solutions for electric cars. MobilityPlus can help you every step of the way. Examples of the support provided include a preliminary technical study, installation and configuration, as well as ongoing follow-up. Thanks to our many years of experience in energy management, we also offer the best guarantee of a stable electricity network and – if you rely fully on MobilityPlus – favourable rates.

Towards a green future: Europe leads the way with new obligations

The European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), revised in 2018, requires project developers and public authorities to dramatically increase the number of charge points in buildings. This applies to both residential and non-residential buildings.

New or extensively renovated residential buildings with parking space for at least 10 vehicles now require custom pre-installation. This makes it much easier to install charge points at a later date.

New or extensively renovated non-residential buildings with parking space for at least 10 vehicles have a similar obligation. However, the mandatory pre-installation of charge points only applies to 20% of the total number of parking spaces. In addition, at least one working charge point must be provided.

What does this directive mean for project developers and public authorities?

The directive requires you to think ahead. For example, many existing buildings do not currently have suitable cabling for charge points. This will entail complex and expensive installations if a decision is made to focus on electric mobility after all. Proper preparation allows you to avoid these investments.

There is an additional problem with residential buildings: the decision as to whether to invest in infrastructure often leads to lengthy procedures, votes being taken by residents and electric drivers who are left without a charging solution. It is much better to anticipate this need during the construction or renovation phase.

What about existing buildings?

In principle, the European directive does not apply to existing buildings. However, suitable infrastructure for electric drivers is also a pressing issue here. What is the best technical approach? Which charging solutions exist? How many charge points should you provide? How much will it cost? And who can help you with the whole process? The answer to the last question is most definitely MobilityPlus. We will tackle the other issues together.

Good to know: energy management is one of the highest priorities for both new construction and renovation projects and for existing buildings. It ensures that your charge points do not consume too much power, and also that they consume it in the right way.

MobilityPlus can help you every step of the way

Would you like to comply with the European directive and get your building ready for a green future right away? If so, we are here to help. We will go through the plans with you and take care of the preliminary technical study. We will then advise you on possible connections and inform you which charge points are best suited to your project. MobilityPlus will also take care of the actual installation, as well as integrating all your charge points into our own user-friendly management platform. This allows you to monitor everything digitally with just a few mouse clicks. If you have any further questions, our team are available to help around the clock.