Charge Point Operator: Charge point management

As a charge point operator, we focus on administrative efficiency. Real-time charging session management, automatic payments and clear reports are just a few of the possibilities offered by our platform.

The 8 plus points of the MobilityPlus platform

Automatic settlements

Both your own employees who charge their vehicles at home and external users of your on-site charge points will be included in the system. Our platform will handle all payment settlements in both directions.

Reports and statistics

Need periodic overviews for meetings and to draw up your future sustainable mobility plans? You can quickly export the necessary documents to your PC.

Energy management

Generate up to five times more capacity with the same infrastructure. Smart charging is not only amazingly efficient, it is also financially advantageous.

Public availability

Allowing external users to use your charging stations will reduce your own costs. Our charge points are compatible with more than 550,000 charging passes! Check here which charge cards are compatible.

24/7 online monitoring

As you may have guessed, our own MobilityPlus platform operates in the cloud and is available at all times. At any time of day, from any location.

Service and maintenance

Our helpdesk is available 24/7 and our own technical team will assist you whenever necessary. If there is a problem, we will resolve it for free.

Firmware updates

If new firmware is available, we will update your charge points for free. This means you will always be up to date with the latest technology.

Several formulas

You can decide for yourself how to manage your charge points and which functionalities you use. As a result, you can simply select the formula that best suits your wishes.

Charge point management subscriptions

You can choose between four different subscriptions for the management and maintenance of your charge point.

Basic Comfort Premium Business
Data connection between charging station and Cloud platform via GPRS/4G
Secure access to the management platform for the owner of the charging infrastructure via web interface
Real-time status overview for all charge points managed
Access management for internal users, charge cards added to a whitelist for free charging
Detailed overview of all past and current charging sessions
Consumption reporting for each charge point & user
Option to switch charge points to Plug&Charge mode
2 free RFID charge cards per charging station to grant access to your own charge points without settlement
Extension of the charge card functionality to include an MSP service Option Option Option Option
Access to commercial support desk during working hours (9:00-17:00) for administrative support or questions about payments and invoicing
Determine your own KWh rate per charging session and any starting cost & hourly standstill rates
Option to give MSP customers of third parties access to charging stations
Option to show charge points publicly in MobilityPlus’ MSP tools and other MSPs to support commercial operation
Invoicing & collection of the paid charging sessions by users and quarterly transfer of amounts received
Monthly reimbursement to employees according to EV car policy for charging sessions at employees’ homes
One consolidated expense sheet per month for the employer for all charging sessions at their employees’ homes
1 charge card per employee for charging at home, at work and – if there is an MSP subscription – at public charge points too
Phone number for the MobilityPlus support desk displayed at every charging station
24/7 access to support desk for all users of the charge point in case of problems
Assistance with activating and deactivating charge cards
If energy management is operational, adjustment and/or optimisation of charging capacity of charge points
Reactive problem-solving during conversation with service desk by means of remote access to charging stations, for example for stuck charging cables or issues with a charge card
Reporting and follow-up of all incidents with ticketing system
Remote implementation of firmware updates at the charging station as advised by the manufacturer
Priority when scheduling an on-site intervention after acceptance of an ad hoc commercial proposal by MobilityPlus for carrying out the intervention
Problems reported by e-mail dealt with within 72 hours
Problems reported via unique, customer-specific e-mail address (company dealt with in less than 24 hours
On-site interventions include all working hours and transport costs (but exclude spare parts beyond the terms of the manufacturer’s guarantee)
Proactive monitoring of charge points by our Charge Point Operations Centre (CPOC)
Setting up and maintaining operational process & file for each charge point to support on-site interventions and operational cooperation with external parties
Extension of guarantee period from 2 to 5 years Option