Service & maintenance

We make it a point of honour to be available around the clock. Besides having your own regular contact person, you can also turn to our helpdesk 24/7 with any queries you may have. In various different languages.

Always available, always close at hand

Choosing a MobilityPlus service agreement means opting for peace of mind. If any of your charging stations are temporarily unavailable or if you have any other charging problems, we will provide rapid assistance. At any time of the day.

Annual service agreement: €120 per charge point.

Extended warranty

Sleep soundly for at least five years

If sustainable mobility is a long-term plan and you would like even more security, you can opt for an extended warranty. This will extend the statutory two-year warranty period to five years. As always, any call-out costs, working hours and materials for maintenance and repair will be included in the service agreement that you purchase with the extended warranty.

Our service

24/7 helpdesk

Service staff are available day and night to assist you, in several languages. Keep the phone number close at hand; you will never be alone if anything goes wrong.

No extra cost for call-outs, working hours or materials

For maintenance and repair, we do not charge any additional costs during the warranty period. We will come out and resolve the problem, leaving you free to charge and drive your electric vehicle once again without any worries.

Regular contact person

To provide you with the best possible service, you will have a regular contact person for all communication. He or she will work things through with you and provide a customised service.

Dedicated technical service

Our smart charge points are packed with innovative technology. Our own technical team has the expertise and know-how required to provide you with rapid support.

Installation and configuration

Our experienced installers will install, configure and test your charge points. You will also receive user training.