Fast and safe charging, at a time that suits you

Do you have an electric car or are you planning to buy or lease one? If so, you are probably looking forward to the convenience of being able to charge your car at home. In theory, you don't need anything special: an ordinary electrical socket and power cable should be sufficient. However, this presents major risks as your household electricity system is not designed to charge car batteries. You could easily overload your electricity network, for example, which implies a constant risk of fire. But don't panic: you can make things safer and faster!

Our home charging solutions will eliminate the risk of power cuts and ensure that your vehicle charges as efficiently as possible. In the morning, both your own batteries and those of your electric car will be fully charged. This way you can truly relax and enjoy the convenience of electric driving.


Why install a charge point at home?


Our technical team will come to your premises, go through the various options with you and install the charging solution. Everything will be taken care of. You will also receive information on how to charge your electric car efficiently.

Automatic settlements

Both your own employees who charge their vehicles at home and external users of your on-site charge points will be included in the system. Our platform will handle all payment settlements in both directions.

Energy management

There’s no need to invest in more heavy-duty connections. Our energy controller ensures that your electric car charges under the most favourable energy conditions. And if you have solar panels on your roof, we also guarantee the maximum supply of green energy.


Although more and more people can charge their vehicles at work and some charge points offer free charging, you are often dependent on public charge points when on the move. These are usually a lot more expensive than charging with your own energy network. As a result, you can quickly recoup the cost of a home charge point.