Property managers and co-owners’ associations

Property managers and co-owners’ associations

Hassle-free, green and smart charging in all your buildings

Parking garages with dozens or even hundreds of private parking spaces equipped with suitable charging solutions: this is something that can only be achieved with a proliferation of charge points. Or is it? MobilityPlus offers a one-stop-shop solution for property managers and co-owners’ associations that wish to focus on electric mobility.

What do you need to do to comply with the European regulations?

The European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), revised in 2018, requires property managers to increase the number of charge points in residential buildings dramatically:

New or extensively renovated residential buildings with parking space for at least 10 vehicles will now need to carry out custom pre-installation by 2025. This makes it much easier to install charge points at a later date.

This rule does not apply to existing buildings.

Although 2025 might seem a long way off and the directive only applies to new or renovated buildings, it would be best for property managers not to wait too long to comply. This will give you the time to draw up an electric mobility policy that has everyone’s support.

Each co-owner may also install individual cables in common areas, e.g. for an individual charge point in the garage complex. In order to avoid proliferation, it would therefore be better to focus on a collective approach.

Would you like a partner who has the expertise and know-how required to manage such an approach? If so, MobilityPlus is the right partner for you.

MobilityPlus focuses on…

Reliable central connection

Equipping an apartment complex with charging solutions requires a heavy-duty central connection. After all, your normal energy network will not be enough for everyone to use their connection to recharge their car at the same time. If they did, it would be difficult to supply the apartments themselves with sufficient power. The solution: a separate connection that sends energy to the charge points.

Smart energy management

In addition to a central connection, an efficient power supply is also crucial in a relatively large complex. This will help you to avoid temporary power outages. The solution: an energy controller that spreads energy peaks, integrates the maximum amount of green energy and is good at load balancing.

Simple management

Lots of private owners can mean a lot of administrative hassle. And that's exactly what property managers and co-owners’ associations could do without. </p><p>The solution: with the MobilityPlus platform, all invoicing takes place automatically and entirely digitally. The result: no disagreements and complete peace of mind.

Independent advice

During discussions that involve several decision-makers, many questions soon crop up. Which connections are suitable? How many charge points should there be, and which ones? And how do you make good arrangements? The solution: bring in an independent party that can share its knowledge and experience and act as a project manager.

Our solutions for property managers and co-owners’ associations

If you are managing a building with parking spaces as a property manager or co-owners’ association, you can respond to the rise in popularity of electric cars by providing suitable connections. The owners of the parking spaces then have two options. They can purchase their own charge points from premium brands to ensure hassle-free, green and smart charging. Alternatively, they can hire charge points. MobilityPlus has developed a unique formula for this: Charging as a Service.