Fleet managers and facility managers

Fleet managers and facility managers

Electric driving as a strategic and sustainable choice

Sustainable mobility is now an indispensable part of HR, fleet and facility managers' plans. And in the long term, electric driving will only become more important. So why not get started today? In addition, a green business vision is a decisive argument that will convince many potential candidates, suppliers and clients to choose you.

Making your fleet more sustainable may seem like a logical step, but it’s not as simple as it may sound. For example, you will need to ensure that all electric company cars can be charged efficiently, safely and quickly when required. Good news: this is exactly what MobilityPlus specialises in.

It was their technical knowledge that made us choose MobilityPlus: from brand-independent advice on effective installation to ensuring the security of our charge points. This expertise also gives us confidence to face the future in a rapidly changing market, as electric driving is a long-term choice.

Kris Broekx, fleet manager at ACA IT-Solutions.

How do you make the transition to a green fleet?

The first step is to buy or lease electric company cars. However, it is at least as important to provide suitable charging solutions right away. And as always, good preparation is half the work. Employees must be able to charge at home, at work and on the road.

Our mission? To provide technical assistance to ensure optimal safety, but beyond that, we also advise you on arrangements, guidelines and your internal administration.

In concrete terms, here's what MobilityPlus can do for you:

Home charge points for employees

  • Advice on the most efficient charge points.
  • Guidance on communicating with your employees.
  • Planning and installation of the home charge points.
  • Automatic debt settlement using MobilityPlus or as part of your own HR department’s salary calculations, thanks to the automatic exchange of charging data.

Charging infrastructure on the company premises

  • Brand-independent advice on the charging infrastructure, taking current and future needs into account.
  • Planning and implementation of the infrastructure works, keeping inconvenience and worries to a minimum.
  • Setting up a free or paid charging system for employees and visitors.
  • Energy management to keep consumption under control and avoid power outages.
  • 24/7 helpdesk support.

Charge card for total charging freedom

  • A single charge card allows you to charge at home, at work and on the road, so a charging solution is always close at hand.
  • Support with your internal policy on any charging budgets, such as integration into a cafeteria plan.
  • To make things easy for you on the road, our handy app also provides real-time information on all the charging stations.

Our strengths

Smart energy management

Load balancing, the spreading of energy peaks and the maximum supply of green energy are just some of our strengths in the energy management arena. The result: our energy controller ensures guaranteed network stability, greater charging capacity and a lower energy bill.

Independent advice

As a brand-independent player in Belgium, we put your company first. Considering all the premium brands, we will work together to select the charge point that best suits your needs. Our team can also help you to select the most suitable electric cars for your fleet.

User-friendly platform

The MobilityPlus platform allows you to manage on-site charge points as well as those at your employees' homes. As a result, all costs incurred by home users will be settled automatically. Some of the other features of our platform include reports and statistics, public availability and firmware updates.

Impeccable installation and service

From the preliminary technical study to the installation and commissioning: our technical team will take care of every step. A contract is not an end point for us, but just the start. Each fleet or facility manager will have a fixed contact person during our relationship, and you can also rely on our helpdesk 24/7.

Our solutions for fleet and facility managers

MobilityPlus provides total solutions, with support and guidance from start to finish. Among other things, you can:

  • buy charge points
  • hire charge points
  • use charge cards

Why should large companies focus on charge points and electric driving?

Employer branding

In the war for talent, suitable candidates hold all the cards. They get to choose from a selection of employers these days, not the other way around. A sustainable company vision and green fleet are excellent assets when it comes to convincing young people, who are generally environmentally conscious.

Our focus on electric driving was a crucial factor in at least five recent recruitments.

Lien De Beer, Operational Director at Planet Group.

Employee satisfaction

Do you offer your employees electric company cars and charge points on your company premises? If so, they can head out onto the road with a full battery and a good feeling. And the more happy faces in the workplace, the higher your company’s productivity.

The majority of our employees were immediately in favour of electric driving and charging. Anyone who had doubts took a test drive and learned from MobilityPlus how easy it is to charge the car.

Lien De Beer, Operational Director at Planet Group.

Tax efficient

Electric cars are 100% tax deductible by companies, as are the purchase and installation of charge points. In addition, cars with an electric engine are exempt from car registration tax (BIV) and road tax in Flanders. The minimum amounts apply in Brussels and Wallonia.

Sustainable reputation

Electric driving is slowly but surely conquering the business world. Pioneers – the so-called ‘early majority’ – are responding to this by already offering their stakeholders innovative charging solutions. The result is a boost for your ecological ambitions.

Extra service for external parties

If your clients, partners or suppliers come to your premises in an electric car, you can offer them free or paid charging. If you decide to offer them paid charging, you can set your own external charging rate, for example, which will also generate income from your charge points. The result is a strong return on investment.