Why install charge points at your employees’ homes?

Why install charge points at your employees’ homes?

Are your employees increasingly opting for electric company cars? If so, consider providing home charge points. That way, your employees can always head out onto the road with peace of mind and avoid expensive charging sessions at public charge points. A nice bonus if your company reimburses the charging costs, don’t you think? Discover 6 benefits of installing charge points at your employees’ homes.

High level of convenience for your employees

You come home after a tiring day at work, plug your car into your charge point in the driveway or in the garage, and then relax. Just as your employees will start the day fully recharged the next morning, so will their EVs. That means no longer getting up early to go to the petrol station on the way to work. Instead, they can just drive in using the fastest route.

And once they get there? They can simply charge their EVs at your highly economical company charge points. How convenient!

Lower charging costs

Without a charge point at home, your employees will be dependent on charge points at work or on the road. This means they will have to make fairly frequent stops at public charge points, but here the costs can quickly spiral. Various parties claim a portion of the charging costs and some operators combine a start rate, rate per kWh and a rate for each minute that the EV is connected to the charge point.

Charging at home is considerably cheaper as a result. A nice bonus if you reimburse your employees for their charging costs. And if you want to reduce the costs even more? Encourage everyone to charge at work as often as possible. Because companies can usually arrange cheaper electricity rates, charging at work is often up to five times cheaper than public charging.

A well-founded charging strategy for charging at work, at home and on the road will make a big difference to your overall TCO.

Simple administration and invoicing

How do you reimburse your employees’ charging costs? With receipts for each charging session or complicated refund procedures? Not at all. Some charge points – such as ours – contain a smart meter that automatically forwards all the data from the charging sessions to a management platform.

With a Charge Point Operator (CPO) like MobilityPlus, you can often choose between two options.

Option 1: The CPO reimburses your employees: you will receive a monthly invoice for the total consumption of all your charge points, and the CPO will refund your employees accurately.

Option 2: You reimburse your employees yourself: on the basis of the data you receive from the CPO, you will reimburse your employees for their consumption alongside their monthly salary.

Higher charging speed for home charging

Although you can charge an electric car at home using a standard socket, you will have to be patient. Charging an electric vehicle in this way can take up to fifty hours. Nobody has that much time, and anyway this system is quite dangerous (see below!).

A home charge point is designed to provide more power than a standard power socket. Charging is much faster; it will take between two and fourteen hours to fully charge the battery of the electric car, depending on:

  • the type of charge point
  • the capacity of the charge point
  • the model of your EV
  • the battery percentage

Perfect for use during the night!

Safe charging

If your employees charge their EV at home using a normal socket, they could overload the socket. This will cause it to overheat and wear out much faster than normal, thus increasing the temperature still further with each charging session. And extension cords and power strips are completely out of the question!

Special charge points at your employees’ homes are a lot safer and greatly reduce the risk of fire.


Fortunately, our charge points don’t come alone. You also get 24/7 support. This means your employees will always have a direct point of contact for any questions and problems they may have. We take care of everything for you.

Charging at home: good for employees and employers alike

As you can see, installing charge points at your employees’ homes offers many advantages for both your company and your employees. The charge points and electricity costs are also fully tax-deductible, and you can quickly halve your usual fuel costs with electric vehicles. You will earn back your investment in a home charge point after barely two years.

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A 100% electric fleet by 2026: are you ready?

By 2026, your new company vehicles will have to be electric if you want to continue enjoying the favourable tax regime you have today. So it’s better to get started right away.

With this roadmap, you can make the right choices for today and tomorrow.

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