Seamless, green and intelligent charging

With our own management platform, innovative energy management and custom all-in-one formulas, we are fully committed to the transition to electric mobility. We offer brand-independent energy solutions from A to Z for everyone: from home users to companies of all sizes.

Our services

Charge point management

As a charge point operator, we focus on administrative efficiency. Real-time charging session management, automatic payments and clear reports are just a few of the possibilities offered by our platform.

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Energy management

Energy-efficient charging? Of course! Choosing MobilityPlus means opting for innovative technologies that make the most of your available (green) power.

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Installation of charge points

Installation, connection and commissioning of the charge points by experts. In order to ensure correct installation and your own safety, the installation and maintenance work is carried out by qualified electricians who know the standards and installation guidelines inside out.

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Service & maintenance

We make it a point of honour to be available around the clock. Besides having your own regular contact person, you can also turn to our helpdesk 24/7 with any queries you may have. In various different languages.

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Charge cards for electric cars

Do you spend a lot of time on the road? You can use our charge cards at over 100,000 charge points in Europe. As an attractive bonus, our map will quickly show the nearest charge points, wherever you may be.

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Charge points for electric cars

Would you like your own charge point so you can charge your electric car? No problem! Whether at home or at work, MobilityPlus guarantees quality, brand independence and multiple management options.

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