Planet Group attracts new employees and clients with electric driving

Planet Group attracts new employees and clients with electric driving

When we ordered the cars, we were looking for a partner with modern charging facilities,” says Lien De Beer. “MobilityPlus was exactly what we needed. In just a short time, their team turned the technical side of charging into a comprehensible story for us and our employees. There was an instant click and all our questions about cable usage, for example, quickly received an appropriate answer.

Charge cards allow you to travel all over the country

Planet Group's head office was given six charge points. They were all equipped with MobilityPlus software, so they have a permanent connection to the MobilityPlus Platform. Each electric driver also received a charge card, giving them access to our huge network. Whenever they need to charge their car, the MobilityPlus app allows them to find the nearest charging station right away. “The charge cards allow our employees to cover long distances without any difficulty,” says Lien De Beer. “You never have to drive more than 4 kilometres out of your way to find a charging solution operated by MobilityPlus or one of its partners.”

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Did you know that...

… Planet Group makes its charge points publicly accessible? This allows visitors to charge their electric car for a fee. The advantage is that our software automatically handles the payments, making Planet Group's MobilityPlus charging plan even more financially attractive.

Finger on the pulse

“The majority of our employees were immediately in favour of electric driving and charging. Anyone who had doubts took a test drive and learned from MobilityPlus how easy it is to charge the car.” Lien herself was also somewhat sceptical at first: “But the charging system is very user-friendly. And I get clear reports from the MobilityPlus platform, where I can monitor charging behaviour on a monthly basis: who charged, where and for how long? If someone is systematically using a slightly more expensive fast charger when there are also regular charge points nearby, we can report this.”

The charging system is very user-friendly and you receive clear monthly reports that allow you to monitor usage.

Extra appeal

It is not just the current employees who are full of praise for electric driving and its convenience; new candidates also get on board right away. “There is fierce competition in our sector when it comes to attracting young talent. For young people – who are often very environmentally conscious – our transition to a green fleet helps to convince them to join our company. We have calculated that we have already completed five additional recruitments for which electric driving was one of the decisive factors.”

Their pioneering role has also attracted new clients. For example, one of the major Belgian energy suppliers felt that Planet Group's ecological vision tied in perfectly with its own approach. “Our decision to choose sustainable mobility is paying off in more than one area. That's why we are continuing to focus on electric driving and expanding our charging facilities… with MobilityPlus,” concludes Lien De Beer.

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On-site charge points with MobilityPlus software

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