Automatic settlements

Simple accounting guaranteed

When entrepreneurs think about managing charge points, the terrible image of a desk full of receipts and small invoices often springs to mind. It doesn’t actually need to be that way at all. The MobilityPlus platform takes care of all the administrative tasks automatically. The following two options are available:

Charging sessions for external users

If you choose to make your charge points (or some of them) publicly available, you will immediately gain another 550,000 potential users. After all, they can come to you with their MobilityPlus charge card or that of one of our partners. An important point is that you are free to set your own charging rate.

In practice:

Let us imagine that you allow external users to charge at 0.25 euros/kWh. Marco visits you on Tuesday and charges 10 kWh. Instead of him paying you 2.50 euros directly, MobilityPlus will settle these costs. The next day, Isabella does the same, but this time for 20 kWh. Once again, MobilityPlus will collect the costs incurred (5 euros) on your behalf. The following week, Nadia charges 30kWh, for 7.50 euros. As always, our platform will take care of the transaction.

The result is that you will not need to deal with any interim invoices for small amounts. MobilityPlus will keep track of everything and pay you once a quarter for all external charging sessions.

Charging sessions by home users

If your employee has an electric company car, it is a good idea to provide a home charge point as well. However, your employee will be using his or her own energy plan at home. So how does automatic settlement work in this case? The following two options are available:

Option 1: MobilityPlus reimburses the employee

Based on the data we receive via our platform, you will receive a monthly invoice. We will subsequently use this money to reimburse your employee.

Option 2: You reimburse the employee

We will forward all the home use data to you, after which you will pay the employee through your normal wage system.