A single monthly invoice

Our charge cards give you the freedom to choose from thousands of public charge points within Europe. Good to know: our roaming overview shows the rates of all the charge points within our network.

No administrative hassle

Do you pay after each charging session? No. Our platform will collect all the information, after which MobilityPlus will send you a single monthly invoice.

In practice

Let’s imagine that you used a public charge point twice in September. The first time, you visited a particular company and charged 10 kWh at a rate of 0.25 euros/kWh. This means that you owe the company 2.50 euros for the use of their public MobilityPlus charge point. You then used a third party charge point. You also charged 10 kWh at the same rate there.

The benefits to you: MobilityPlus will closely monitor your costs for the month of September, so you will only make one payment for the total amount (5 euros in this example).