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Get the most out of your charging station

At MobilityPlus you are at the right place to put your charging station online. Do you have a station that you would like to make available to the public or whose use you want to measure? Possible. Would you like to buy a charging station? You can choose from a wide range of brands or you can contact us for a tailor-made solution.

The MobilityPlus platform, for efficiently managing your charging stations

The MobilityPlus platform allows administrators and users of charging stations to easily track and monitor all data from:

  • Costs, revenues and maintenance
  • Energy Management, users and rates
  • Billing
  • Account data
  • Charge cards
  • Automatic alerts


Subscriptions for administrators of charging stations

To manage and for the maintenance of your charging station, you can choose between two different subscriptions:
Basic For personal use €50 / year Premium For your employees and visitors € 110 / year


  • OPTIE 1: Service-overeenkomst: maandelijks € 12.00 / stopcontact
  • OPTIE 2: Service-overeenkomst: jaarlijks € 120.00 / stopcontact

Als u vragen hebt, kunt u 24/7 steeds contact opnemen met onze helpdesk. Met een service-overeenkomst bent u verzekerd van een snelle oplossing voor een probleem met uw laadstation(s). U heeft recht op volledige vergoeding van arbeid en materialen (binnen de garantieperiode).

  • Eigen technische dienst
  • Assistentie binnen de 24u
  • Geen voorrijkosten en materialen
  • SPOC (Single Point Of Contact)

Garantie verlenging

Fabrieksgarantie van 2 jaar naar 5 jaar verlengen. MobilityPlus staat in voor alle kosten onder de garantie voorwaarden. Verlenging enkel mogelijk in combinatie met beheer abonnement en Service-overeenkomst gedurende de verlengperiode.

* Prices are per charge point and excl VAT
** Smart Charging compatibility is dependent on type of charging station
*** Limits on tariffs vary by subscription
**** Costs for communication depend on the setting and installation

Become a certified Mobility+ installer

As an installer you are the link between us and our customers. You install the charging station and give the necessary explanations. To ensure a qualitative installation, it is important that you are well prepared and trained. Because satisfied customers are an absolute must for us.

  • Contribute to a large and strong network
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest charging station techniques


Interested in becoming a MobilityPlus installer?

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