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Get the most out of your charging station

At MobilityPlus you are at the right place to put your charging station online. Do you have a station that you would like to make available to the public or whose use you want to measure? Possible. Would you like to buy a charging station? You can choose from a wide range of brands or you can contact us for a tailor-made solution.

The MobilityPlus platform, for efficiently managing your charging stations

The MobilityPlus platform allows administrators and users of charging stations to easily track and monitor all data from:

  • Costs, revenues and maintenance
  • Energy Management, users and rates
  • Billing
  • Account data
  • Charge cards
  • Automatic alerts


Subscriptions for administrators of charging stations

To manage and for the maintenance of your charging station, you can choose between two different subscriptions:
Basic For personal use €50 / year Premium For your employees and visitors € 110 / year
Reports and statistics
Automatic compensation with your employer
Remote monitoring
Firmware updates
Grouping charging stations
Automatic compensation with your visitors
Automatic error reporting
Public charging ability
Smart Charging
User management
Manage rates
Define a starting and hourly rate
Start the loading session with the app
Plug ’n charge ready
Support via knowledge center
Support via ticket system
Support via phone
Guaranteed response time 72u 24u


  • OPTIE 1: Service-overeenkomst: maandelijks € 12.00 / stopcontact
  • OPTIE 2: Service-overeenkomst: jaarlijks € 120.00 / stopcontact

Als u vragen hebt, kunt u 24/7 steeds contact opnemen met onze helpdesk. Met een service-overeenkomst bent u verzekerd van een snelle oplossing voor een probleem met uw laadstation(s). U heeft recht op volledige vergoeding van arbeid en materialen (binnen de garantieperiode).

  • Eigen technische dienst
  • Assistentie binnen de 24u
  • Geen voorrijkosten en materialen
  • SPOC (Single Point Of Contact)

Garantie verlenging

Fabrieksgarantie van 2 jaar naar 5 jaar verlengen. MobilityPlus staat in voor alle kosten onder de garantie voorwaarden. Verlenging enkel mogelijk in combinatie met beheer abonnement en Service-overeenkomst gedurende de verlengperiode.

* Prices are per charge point and excl VAT
** Smart Charging compatibility is dependent on type of charging station
*** Limits on tariffs vary by subscription
**** Costs for communication depend on the setting and installation

Become a certified Mobility+ installer

As an installer you are the link between us and our customers. You install the charging station and give the necessary explanations. To ensure a qualitative installation, it is important that you are well prepared and trained. Because satisfied customers are an absolute must for us.

  • Contribute to a large and strong network
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest charging station techniques


Interested in becoming a MobilityPlus installer?

Request your training

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between AC and DC charging?

    AC charging, powered by alternating current and can load up to 22kW/h. (Exception: Renault Zoe can charge up to 43kW)

    DC charging, powered by direct current. We can reach speeds up to 50kW/h. In the future, this will extend to 300 kW.

  • What is the difference between kW and kWh?

    A charging station that delivers 22 kW in one hour, is expressed in 22 kWh.

  • What cable should I use to charge?

    The type-2 cable became the European standard. Each charging point is equipped with a type-2 connector power outlet. Some older cars have a type-1 connector. That is not a problem, because there are cables with a type-2 connector on one side and a type-1 on the other side. For new cars with a type-2 connector, a T2-T2 cable is sufficient.

  • Should I always use my cable at home?

    If your charge box is equipped with a fixed cable, you do not have to use your cable from the car.

  • What is the difference between single-phase and three-phase load?

    There are four types of AC charging stations; 3,7kW - 7,6kW - 11kW - 22kW. We obtain these values by multiplying the voltage by the available power. The voltage depends on the number of phases that are available at your home or business.


    1-phase 230V x 16A = 3,7kW

    1-phase 7,6kW = 230V x 32A

    3-phase 11kW = 400V x 16A x 1.73