Electric cars are a hot topic. They are not new technology, but over the last few years – since the appearance of Tesla – they have advanced at lightning speed. There are new developments pretty much every day.

With the arrival of new, affordable models, even “ordinary” people are getting more and more interested and daring to consider the electric option when it is time to buy a new car. After all, there are all kinds of benefits to driving an electric car: no registration, hardly any vehicle tax, it is good for the environment, great to drive… in short, we only think of advantages when it comes to electric cars. Don’t we?

Apparently not. Because we still always ask ourselves a very good question: “How long does it take to charge my car’s batteries?” Anyone who knows anything about electricity will start doing the maths. “A battery pack is 30kW and I can charge it at 3.7kW. That means… a bit more than 8 hours?! That’s too long: I’ll wait for the next generation.”

That means it is time to sound the alarm. There is no point waiting for the next generation. Charging electric cars will not be any faster in the future, because our mains connections will not allow it. In fact, though, the correct answer to the question above is very simple, and I heard it recently at a conference on driving electric cars. It actually takes thirty seconds. What, how is that possible? New technology? Nope. A new mindset! You reach your destination, get out your charging cable, plug it into the car and charger and that’s that. That is the time it takes to charge up your car. Thirty seconds.

It is the mindset that needs to change in this new way of driving. With fossil fuel cars, you fill up when your tank is empty. In other words, you stop because you need to fill up. With electric cars, we need to turn this mindset on its head. Instead of stopping because we need to charge the batteries, we charge them when we stop. You can charge your batteries whenever you park at home, work, the shops or any other final destination. You will hardly ever be faced with an empty battery. An electric driver will always vary between 40% and 90% of battery capacity. So how long does it take to charge your batteries? Remember the thirty seconds mindset!