CEOs taking the lead. A Look Back at 2023 and Outlook to 2024 at MobilityPlus

CEOs taking the lead. A Look Back at 2023 and Outlook to 2024 at MobilityPlus

As co-CEOs of MobilityPlus, we are delighted to look back on a year of extraordinary growth and progress, and we would like to share with you some of the most exciting developments for 2024.

Our transformation from an ambitious start-up to a thriving scale-up has been a journey full of challenges, innovation, dedication and success. Now that we are in the phase of accelerated growth, we are eager to explore the many opportunities and adventures ahead.

In the past year, 2023, we proudly welcomed 29 new colleagues to our brand new office, bringing the number of employees in our team in Belgium and France to 75. We launched MobilityPlus Finance and our Charging as a Service model where customers do not have a high initial investment cost but pay us one fixed monthly fee, all services included. A special milestone for us in October was our 10.000th charge point under management, meanwhile the counter stands at 11.500 charge points.

Through our charging passes, we have facilitated more than 3 million charging sessions, representing an impressive supply of 50 million kWh of energy through our extensive roaming network of more than 400.000 charging points in Europe. This charged energy via MobilityPlus charging passes represents no less than 250 million electric kilometres driven, which equates to around 125.000 tonnes of CO2 emissions savings.

And we are far from finished! The year 2024 is all about further growth and pioneering innovations. Our team is expanding and we are actively looking for 30 talented new colleagues to join us fast forward to the future of e-Mobility. Behind the scenes, we have been working hard on innovative developments. Soon we will proudly present a state-of-the-art app, packed with revolutionary features, and introduce a user-friendly web platform specially developed to support HR, Fleet and facility managers. Our focus is also on developing advanced solutions for intelligent charging and energy management, which will shape the future of mobility.

We want to distinguish ourselves with innovations that transform the e-mobility sector.

Imagine an app that not only manages your charging processes, but also becomes an integral part of your daily life, while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint. And how about an advanced energy management system so intelligent that it optimises your consumption even when you sleep? This is just a taste of the exciting developments we have in store. Keep following us for the unveiling of these and more innovations!

MobilityPlus stands for seamless, green and intelligent charging and goes far beyond simply offering charging stations. We offer a complete experience covering every aspect of the transition to electric vehicles. From a detailed transition plan and in-depth analyses to a well-thought-out roll-out strategy and precise engineering. Our project management and installation processes are just the beginning. After installation, our charge point operator services are activated covering all administrative, financial and operational aspects, coupled with smart integrations with renewable energy sources. This holistic approach, addressing every facet of the electric mobility transition, contributes to our mission to achieve a smarter, greener future in e-mobility.

At MobilityPlus, we strive to be not just a supplier, but a true partner in the transition to sustainable mobility.

Kudos to our irreplaceable team, whose expertise and innovation drive us forward every day. They are the true foundation of MobilityPlus, constantly exploring new frontiers in the dynamic world of e-mobility. Without their hard work and dedication, we would not be where we are today.

We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to our numerous partners who are an integral part of our ecosystem. Your dedication and partnership are crucial to our success.

Last but not least, a big thank you to our valued customers for their unwavering trust in MobilityPlus. The transition from conventional internal combustion engines to electric vehicles (EVs) presents significant challenges for many of our customers. Your continued support and valuable feedback are indispensable during this time of significant change and innovation.

Here's to an incredible 2024, as we accelerate our growth and continue to contribute to the future of electric mobility!

With energetic greetings,

Kris Pensaert and Jean-Francois Cheyns

Co-CEOs of MobilityPlus

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